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Updated on:Wednesday November 1st, 2017

Special Occasions and Formal Events

Special Occasions and Formal Events

(Credit cards & personal checks not accepted)

-Styling with Iron

*with shampoo +$15

-Up-do $95~

*add false eyelashes +$10

-Eyebrow Trimming $20
May vary according to the volume of hair and styles.


-In-salon Service

(Includes 2-hour consultation, and 2 hour-service in-salon

$380 and up

Visiting Service

-Wedding Service

(Includes 2-hour in-salon consultation, and 2-hour service at the location of your choice)

$580 and up + Travel expenses
-Kitsuke”Kimono Dresser $320 and up
-Kitsuke & Up-Do $520 and up
-Kitsuke, Up-Do & Make Up $680 and up
*Kitsuke not available in the salon.
*Each additional hour $100.
*Credit cards & personal checks are not accepted for any Wedding Services.
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Wednesday November 1st, 2017

Service prices have changed including hair cut $80-$90as of November 1st 2017. Thank you for your understanding.