Salon Terms of use & Cancellation policy

Updated on:2015年05月02日


Hair Salon Mie.Higashimoto is committed to providing a relaxing atmosphere. Your appointments are very important to all members of our team at Hair Salon Mie.Higashimoto. Time allocated for an appointment is reserved especially for you. We do understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least 48 hours notice for adjustments to your appointments and for cancellations. All our policies are designed to benefit our guests and provided in the best quality and tradition of excellent servicing for our established and future clientele.


1. Mie.Higashimoto cannot be responsible for customers’ articles or belongings.
2. Shall a client fail to show up 30 minutes from the time of the appointment, the appointment will be automatically cancelled.
3. Shall a client fail to cancel a long-term appointment (more than 3 hours) of Digital perm, Air Wave Perm, Straight perm (including magic), or hair extension within 48 hours prior to the appointment, a cancellation or reschedule fee of the reserved service amount or $120 apply.
4. “NO SHOWS” will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount or $350. “HOLD” transaction maybe made on your credit card to reserve the appointment time.
5. Mie.Higashimoto can only fix hair cut, hair-coloring and perm for one week from the day of your visit to the salon for no additional charge.
6. Please respect the right to a quiet atmosphere for all guests. We ask that you refrain from talking loudly and that you turn off all cell phones.
7. Food is not permitted in the salon.

The cancellation policy allows us the time to inform our standby guests of any availability, as well as keeping our team members scheduled filled, thus better serving everyone. Salon Mie.Higashimoto policies are presented and provided in the best quality and tradition of excellent servicing for our established and future clientele. Thank you for viewing and supporting our policies criteria.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Mie.Higashimoto Hair Salonは予約制となっております。皆様に心地よいお時間と、サービスをご提供する為にも、予約管理にも配慮させていただいております。

1. お客様の貴重品などの紛失責任を一切負いかねます。
2. ご予約の時間を30分過ぎても来られない場合は、自動的にキャンセルとなります。
3. 3 時間以上の長期施術、デジタルパーマ、ストレートパーマ(縮毛矯正も含む)、ヘアーエクステンション(ポイント以外)等のキャンセル又はご予約変更をご予 約日の48時間以内にされる場合はキャンセル料金/ご予約変更料金としてご予約施術料金の50%または$120を頂戴いたします。
4. ご予約当日にご来店されなかった場合はご予約施術料金全額または$350頂戴いたします。
5. カット、パーマやカラーのお直しはご来店されてから1週間以内に来店された方のみ有効となっております。
6. 他のお客様のご迷惑になるような行為、携帯電話のご使用はご遠慮願います。
7. 店内でのお食事はお断りしております。
8. 以上、予めご了承頂けますようお願い申し上げます。



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11月1日2017年よりカット$80〜$90を含む一部料金が変更となりました。 ご理解のほど何卒お願い申し上げます。