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Hair cut

(Includes shampoo & Blow-dry)

Hair cut Kids

(12 years old or under)

Shampoo & Blow-dry $50~55
Bangs cut $20~
Eyebrow Trimming $20~

Conditioning Treatment

(Hair cut, Shampoo & Blow-dry not included)

Noiraudepro $50~80
Nigelle HY

with home care treatment

Nigelle LX Head Spa $40

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Colors 1 process

(Includes Blow-dry)

Hair Color Retouch**

Depends on the number of processes and hair length

Hair Color Full** $110~160
Hair Color & Hair cut** Hair Coloring +$60(Cut)
Highlights (Lowlights) Partial** $120~170
3D (Tsuya) Color
Hair Manicure Retouch* $90~120
Hair Manicure Full
(Includes Hair cut & Blow-dry)
Hair Manicure & Haircut Hair Manicure* +$60(Cut)
Colors 2 processes
1 process + color $20~
Bleach & Colors (includes Blow-dry)
Per foil $30
Eyebrow color $25
**Depends on the number of processes and hair length

* Pre-treatment +$20~25


(Includes Hair cut & Blow-dry)

Perm* $150~210
Digital Perm

with Pre-treatment

Air Wave Perm

with Pre-treatment


Point Perm

(Shampoo, Hair cut & Blow-dry not included)

Front $25~
Top $55~65
Fron&Side $45~65
Point Digital Perm Top $115~135
Point Air Wave Perm Top $135~155

Special Perm

(Includes Hair cut, Blow-dry & Pre-treatment)

Twist Perm / Spiral Perm

Twist Spiral Perm / Tightrope perm

Wire-strap Perm

Starting from $380~

Straight Perm

(Includes Hair cut & Blow-dry)

Straight Perm*
(Without Straightening Iron)
Japanese Magic Straight Perm with Pre-treatment

(With Straightening Iron)

Starting from $400~

Point Straight Perm

(Hair cut, Shampoo & Blow-dry not included)

Point Straight Perm

(Without Straightening Iron)

Front $50~

Front & Sides $90~

Top $120~

Point Japanese Magic Straight Perm*

(With Straightening Iron)

Front $50~

Front & Sides $160~

Top $190~

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11月1日2017年よりカット$80〜$90を含む一部料金が変更となりました。 ご理解のほど何卒お願い申し上げます。